About Us

Psycho Sisters Consignment Boutiques, Inc is a very well known clothing store for both men and women, new and used clothes.  Its been called an  atlanta tourist attraction, really.   The shop has been around for almost 20 years and still kicking strong.

Angela McLean, the founder of the corporation is still setting trends and selling clothing. Psycho Sisters has been in many movies, reality television shows, clothed famous rock stars, costumed designed 48 hour film festivals and dance groups, been written up in many editorials nationally, and recently been spotted on MTV.
  Psycho Sisters sells 60′s hippie, 70′s disco, 80′s rocker and 90′s gothic including current trends of clothing for now.   Its a mix and match, a bit of this and a bit of that sort of store. From designer samples,  used or new mall trends, funky and sexy shoes or costumes, Psycho Sisters is sure to entertain you with a full array of glitter, lace,  leather and bling.
 “Think of a character, like Madonna,  Prince or Jimi Hendrix, Run DMC, and we can dress you.  Yes, we can.  Think of a festival or party like disco, mardi gras, big hair 80;s monster truck, burning man, St. Patricks , prom  or ugly sweater christmas party and we’ve  got you covered.”   says angie.
  But Psycho Sisters is also famous for the very stylish everyday wear of what is desirable NOW  in clothing.
  If in Atlanta, Psycho Sisters Little Five Points is a must.
  Come on in and look up, down, and all around because Psycho Sisters is full of fun, funky and unusual fashion!

#1 in Atlanta Costuming for 20 years